TMak Double Colour Cookies Machine

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       Fillmak filled cookie machine allows the production of dozens of different products and varieties such as fruit balls and fruit bars, along with marmalade and chocolate filled cookies, with a product pouring capacity of 60kg-100 kg per hour. Thanks to the folding structure of the conveyor, it does not cause a space problem in your kitchen when not in use, while it allows you to shorten the time between the production of different products thanks to its easily removable and cleanable parts. FillMak, which allows you to produce cookies with double color filling with its 2 dough chambers, is supported by products of German, Italian, Japanese electronic and motor brands with its first quality stainless steel exterior. Thus, Fillmak enables you to create a long-lasting and safe production line.

       First Class stainless steel is used on the outer surface and chassis of the machine, and Japanese, Italian and German technologies are used in the electronics. In addition, food-grade parts are used in all areas that come into contact with food. At the same time, the head structure developed by TMak allows you to set up a durable production line that you can use for many years, while applying minimum stress to the dough during the process.

      You can try your own recipe in our demo kitchen by making an appointment for the machine you are considering and see the result before purchasing the machine. If you share your recipe for our customers who cannot come to our demo kitchen, your product will be produced by our masters and shared with you as a video. In case you buy the product, we provide expert support to teach your masters how to install and use it. In addition, in case of any problem with the product, technical support and spare parts will be provided by Tmak.

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