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CookieMak is a dough shaping and dosing machine. It allows you to produce cookies in your Sweet, Salty, Soft and Hard dough types. Thanks to the patented dough pouring system, it minimizes the stress created by the cookie machines on the dough and allows you to produce with the taste of hand.

While the memory-enabled touch screen allows you to save the recipes you have created for your products, it allows you to easily switch between products with a single click during production. Thanks to its easy-to-detach system, it performs the cleaning process quickly and increases your transition speed between products.

CookieMAK, which allows you to produce dozens of different products in a short time with one employee, can reach a production capacity of up to 250 kg per hour, while on the other hand, it occupies only 2.5 m2 in your workshop.

We continue to produce with 20 years of experience…

Some of the products you can produce;

Sweet cookies , salty cookies , floral pattern cookies , twisted cookies , caterpillar cookies , esron cookies , wire cut cookies , breadcrumbs , grissini , macaroon , meringue , eclairs , macaron , kavala cookies , American cookies , chocolate chip cookies , muffins , gluten free cookies, bagel cookies

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