Artisan Capital Partners

Artisan Capital Partners

Laarderhoogtweg 25
1101 EB Amsterdam,

+31 (0) 20 888 1588
Fırın Makineleri Firmaları


Artisan Capital Partners constantly engages in buying and selling machines of all sizes:

Small mobile units
Larger fixed or bolted systems requiring dismantling
Complete production lines or systems
Complete facilities, including real estate
We have an experienced purchasing team with a lot of decades of valuating used bakery machinery and equipment, and many deals under our belt that allow us assess each opportunity quickly and efficiently.

We generally offer the following selling schemes to our customers:

Out-Right Cash Purchase.
Certainly one of the simplest and quickest methods to achieve your asset recovery will be to have Artisan Capital Partners directly buy your equipment so that you can instantly deploy the capital to different projects and focus on your operations. Artisan Capital Partners is a reliable cash buyer, with no need for any borrowing or financing contingency, regardless of the deal size.

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