RAFF Machines

RAFF Machines

Głóski 19
63-460 Nowe Skalmierzyce,

+48 (0) 519 134 062
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The RAFF company Created by people with many years of experience in the food machinery industry acquired on both Polish and foreign markets. We deal comprehensively with the subject of food machines with emphasis on machines of butchery and bakery equipment, which we deal with every day - since we run own butchery for 20 years already, we know well what are the client's needs. We have a wide range of machines for various purposes serviced by our company in terms of technical (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical) and visual aspects. We perform repairs and services of the offered machines in accordance with the expectations of customers from smaller to major overhauls of machines, in which we also offer replacement machines for the duration of the repair. We try to meet all our expectations, so we are happy to advise from our own experience and try to help you get out of every situation as best as possible.
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